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Hello. We are COVO PR a creative & interactive studio that designs Public Relations strategies focused on the digital era.

We build relationships with journalists and influencers, remember that opportunities don’t happen, we create them and when you focus con communicating your work people will know it and buy it. 
So what exactly is Public Relations? We persuade. For starters, Public Relations is the business of persuasion. We work to convince the audience of your choice to, purchase your product, promote your idea, support your position, or recognise  your accomplishments. 
We Make It

We Tell Unlimited Creative Stories

People in PR are story tellers by nature. We can craft and push a narrative and let the world know. It can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media, social media, or self produced communications. And when the news are bad, we know our way around damage control. 

We create a pitch.

We write a press release.

We send it to media and influencers.

How are we different from Advertising?

The easiest way to put it is: advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media. We convince reporters and editors to write a positive story about our client, brand or service. It then appears in the editorial sections of magazines, newspapers, and even in television and radio, as opposed to the advertising section.

This means your story has more credibility because it was verified by a third party instead of being purchased.

Content Development

At COVO PR Firm we believe quality public relations go above and beyond to create a strong presence and voice for your brand. That’s why we offer content development and distribution. We will get creative and offer content options from an outside-the-box perspective.

We are your link to the Latin American and the US Hispanic Market in Miami. We specialise in representing luxury and fashionable brands with the need of expanding and communicating with audiences in Hispanic America.
At COVO PR we build your reputation. From press releases in different languages to events that will further impulse your brand and everything in between, we got you covered. 

NOW, about us.



Tastemakers and content creators have become a valuable channel to generate hype and awareness for your brand. Having stabilised those relationships is a MUST when it comes to modern marketing. That’s why at COVO PR, we offer key contact with influencers in Miami and all around Latin America.

Solutions to your brand

We Build...

Crisis Management can aid in preventing and lessening the damage that unexpected circumstances can inflict upon your brand and its stakeholders. At COVO PR we make sure to offer crisis management plans and solutions tailored to your brand. 
Event Planning

We offer event planning services online and offline, so your brand can adapt and thrive, even under the most unexpected circumstances. Whether it is a launch, an anniversary, or just because- WE GOT YOU.

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